The objectives of the Miramichi Football Association (MIRFA) will include the following;
  • To promote, conduct, maintain and manage an association for the development of the game of amateur football and for this purpose to take such steps as necessary to assist in the promotion, initiation and extension of the sport in Miramichi of the Province of New Brunswick.
  • To oppose improper methods and unethical practices prejudicial to the rightful conduct of amateur football, in order that safe, honourable, and fair play may prevail.
  • To promote and aid the development and growth of safe, fun, tackle and flag football, in Miramichi, of the Province of New Brunswick, for all age groups and genders.
  • To develop confidence, self-esteem, respect, and self-discipline of all players
  • To invest, disburse, or make provision for the investment of disbursements of all or any part of the funds or other property of MIRFA in the manner deemed expedient for the best interests of MIRFA.