Miramichi Football Association

   Nothing in life worth doing is ever easy... but the rewards will last a lifetime

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Scheduled Events
  1. More Football to Come
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    Spring 2019
Eye for a pass
Sometimes the best Defence is a Good Offence, or is it the other way around?
Workouts for the position you want.  Position specific training and diet recommendations
Team Tactics
Beat the other team before you even step on the field!

Keys to being the best football player..... EVER!!!

  1. Pay Attention
    Listen to your coaches and if you don't understand ask a question. Watch others to see what may work for you.
  2. Encourage Others
    The best teammates and leaders are those that bring everyone else "UP". Encourage others when they do well.
  3. Leave It On The Field
    Play to the whistle, but there is nothing wrong with helping the competition up or telling them "nice hit". Use your aggression during a play, but never after.
  4. Football Is Fun
    Working hard/preparing gives you confidence. Then, when you are in a practice or game you can focus more on having fun with friends/coaches.